In Studio and Virtual Floral Workshops MAKING BEAUTY FROM CHAOS

Let John James teach you and your company how to turn chaos into beauty in the comfort of your own home. Great for team bonding and large groups in distributed U.S. locations. In a one-hour virtual workshop, we’ll walk you through step-by-step how to create an enchanting arrangement. 

We make things easy for you: we'll ship a box to your door containing copious flowers and blooming branches, along with a specialized vase and satchel of tools.

In the Beauty from Chaos workshop, you'll learn to control the shape and movement of flowers as you build your arrangement in a vase that has been prepared for you. Gathered local flowers fresh from the garden are inherently wild and varied. You'll study the form of the flowers and begin to imagine how your preferred shape harmonizes with the vase.

John James has led popular workshops and served client groups of all sizes: from small family gatherings to large companies like Google, Facebook, and Slack.

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Starts at $225.00 per person. Available throughout the continental United States. Now booking for Spring and Summer 2021.